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Female Empowerment

& Bias in Healthcare

I've got a lot to say, not just about motorcycles and Zen. On this page, I'll be posting links to articles I've written on women's rights and women's healthcare.
Currently, I'm focused on how females on the Autism spectrum are silently suffering and being underdiagnosed. Women on the spectrum are often misdiagnosed with psychiatric disorders, the most common being Borderline Personality Disorder, perpetuating the myth of "hysteria" in women.
I am currently working on my second book, "Drowning Under the Spectrum: How Women on the Autism Spectrum are Being Overlooked, Misdiagnosed, and Abandoned" to bring awareness to the ways that women on the spectrum are being overlooked.
Women on the spectrum present differently than males. The majority of tests for spectrum disorders were designed to evaluate males, and only 0.5% of autism research involves females. As a result, females are not getting the help and support they desperately need.

I am currently working on this book and hope to have it published by 2023.

Leslie Reyes, BSN, RN

Female Empowerment

Female Empowerment

Why the Happy Ending of Netflix’s Drama Series “Maid”, Wasn’t Really a Happy Ending

(Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen “Maid”, currently streaming on Netflix, starring Margaret Qualley and Andie MacDowell, please be aware this article contains spoilers).

“Maid”, a drama series currently streaming on Netflix starring Margaret Qualley and Andie MacDowell, displays the gritty reality of impoverishment and domestic abuse in the United States. It is based on the best-selling memoir of the same name, written by Stephanie Land. The characters are complex. There are no one-dimensional villains. How codependency and abuse are passed down from one generation to another is clearly laid out.

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Women on the Spectrum

Drowning Under the Spectrum

"How Women on the Spectrum are Being Misdiagnosed, Overlooked, and Abandoned"

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Women's Healthcare

How Bias in Healthcare and Medical Research is Harming Women.

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