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About Me

Leslie Reyes, BSN, RN

The Zen of Learning to Ride a Motorcycle

Registered Nurse, Writer, Mental Health Expert, Astrologer, Yoga Teacher, Motorcyclist

Leslie Reyes, BSN, RN, is a psychiatric and chemical dependency nurse, yoga teacher, and motorcycle enthusiast.

She has seen mental illness up close, first as the daughter of a schizophrenic mother and later through her own personal mental health struggles. She never expected a motorcycle would one day be the guru she needed to change her life habits and finally learn to trust herself.

Leslie lives with her husband, their five motorcycles, and two dogs in Northern California, California. She is currently working on her second book, "Drowning Under the Spectrum: How Neurodivergent Women Can Save Themselves from Being Misdiagnosed, Overlooked, and Abandoned, and Learn to Thrive!"